International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2017 – A decade of NeuroIS

Logo ICIS 2017, Seoul

ICIS in Seoul

With René Riedl and Thomas Fischer, two researchers from the Digital Business team attended the conference this year. After a long trip from Europe to South Korea, they arrived in Seoul and were welcomed by sunny weather at freezing temperatures. They then made their way to the business district of this gigantic city (about 25 million people in the metropolitan area) to arrive at their hotel and the COEX center were the actual conference took place for the next few days. On the first evening of their stay (Sunday, December 10) all participating researchers were welcomed during a reception in the grand ballroom of the COEX.… Weiterlesen

Gmunden Retreat on NeuroIS 2017

Digital Business researchers at the Conference

During the next two days, a total of 24 research papers were presented, covering such topics as recommendation engines, browsing preferences, process management, e-commerce, idea selection, or interaction with conversational agents. Particularly decision-making and related cognitive load were recurring topics in the presentations this year with the suggestion being made several times that neuro-adaptive systems (i.e., systems that dynamically adapt based on neurophysiological signals) will be the future in this area. Importantly, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria was not only a co-organizer of the event this year, with Prof.… Weiterlesen